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John Anderson

John Anderson


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Company Values

Passion for Customer Service

Our customers are what drives our growth so we believe that by relentlessly maintaining a high level of service and product quality it will set us apart from the competition.

Never Settle

A project or client contact is never good enough until it is done right. We learn and grow as a team which allows us to build on our values. We train our staff on the latest industry best practices and maintain a fleet of newer equipment so we can deliver on the most advanced and efficient options available.

Trust in Your Team

If you’re on our team, we already trust you. We trust you to work hard, do your best, learn from your mistakes, and always be improving. Staff is encouraged to “Call it Out” and to speak up when someone goes a great job or if something is out of order. We work, think, learn, and make mistakes as a team.

Think Big

Our customers are unique and have unique problems. We think outside of the box to deliver solutions to our clients. We set ourselves apart from the competition by offering customized solutions for each client we service, not just the standard al a cart services provided by the competition. Have you ever had your contractor propose a more efficient method for your project, that delivers ahead of schedule and underbudget?

We work as a team to build to the next level, whether that be handling hundreds of municipal work orders on an emergency basis or pulling multiple talents together to build a solution to an individual’s unique project we deliver to our clients.

Bias for Action

Big ideas don’t really mean much if you can’t back them up and deliver on them. The company prides itself on strong financials, credit, & supplier ratings. We will be your partner in the good and challenging times.  We further partner with vendors and suppliers that share the same values and standards of the company.

We stand behind our warranties and deliver on the results expected. When we make a mistake, we fix the mistake only faster, and learn from the experience as we go along.

Vote for Value

Value is a whole lot more than price. Our customer centric approach allows us to bring “Value Added Services” to the client that outpaces the competition

Product: We partner with the best products and manufactures in the industry to deliver quality products that provide time tested quality.

Shortcuts? Never- we train our staff and design projects to exceed standard industry specifications. It’s the little things that make a project over the top and that is the value we deliver.

Safety: We train our staff to operate safe and with the industries best practices on a consistent and routine basis. We pride ourselves in our low MOD rating. Delivering a safe operation is value delivered.

Financial Stability: We have the capacity to manage projects from a $30 lawn mowing all the way through multi- phase, multi-million-dollar projects lasting from a few months to over ten years. We have the capacity to help you on the emergency projects today and the large projects tomorrow morning.

Forward Thinking: We always look for ways to improve efficiency and safety while delivering cost savings for all parties. We view all employee/client/contractor relationships as a value added partnership.

We look for ways to celebrate our clients and teammates and provide more value than they ever expect.

Anderson Landscape & Maintenance

Our Satisfied & Happy Customers

Cecilia F.

We had them fertilize this year on our lawn. They eliminated our weeds and made sure our grass was green and thick. Great Job Anderson Landscape.

Kathy M.

The two guys that came to pick up 2 entertainment centers that we had did a great job. They were very nice and professional. We will use them again in the future.

Bruce P.

Bush Trimming & Shaping was done as promised. Completed & debris removed from property. Would recommend them without a doubt. The crew was very polite & worked very fast. Crew chief, Todd, did an outstanding job.