Cindy Schopf - Muskego, WI

“I have been a client of Anderson Landscape & Maintenance, LLC for 2 years. I own 2 businesses that they provide services for. Their structure allows a relationship manager to always work with you on any situation that may arise and to continually check that their services are done to our standards. I would recommend them to my peers. “

Snow & Ice Removal

Because snow isn’t predictable, snow removal depends on a careful management of time, equipment and materials. Our efficient operation helps us mobilize before a storm, coordinating crews via GPS to leave your property safe and clean as quickly as possible. We use the most environmentally friendly de-icing products and apply them only as needed – at the right times, in the right amounts. For even greater efficiency, our snow removal services include simplified billing. Your customer service representative provides a storm by storm explanation of services that keeps you in know about how your site is being maintained. These reports take the headaches out of the billing process by answering your specific questions about services performed at your site.

Like many of our practices, these small changes add up to big benefits – lower costs, responsive service, better safety and minimal environmental impact. We believe sustainability isn’t limited to a specific season. Our philosophy delivers innovative solutions, even in a world of white.

We provide commercial, residential, and municipal snow and ice removal services.  From your driveway to an airport runway we get the job done efficiently and safely.

We hold a The Minnesota Pollution Control Agencies’ (MPCA) “Smart Salting Level 1 Certification: Snow and Ice Control Best Practices. This certification ensures we use environmentally friendly Snow and Ice Control methods and procedures to reduce the impact on our environment.  Some of the best practices are listed below that we utilize.

Winter Maintenance Basics:

  • Anti-ice before the storm
  • Remove snow from surfaces as quickly as possible to reduce compaction
  • Plow before applying deicers to avoid dilution of the salt
  • Minimize deicer use during the storm
  • Never plow or blow snow into bodies of water wetlands, traffic or into streets
  • Minimize back-up maneuvers to reduce chance of accidents
  • Limit use of salt and sand during the storm; use only to reduce bonding
  • Do not use salt to burn off snow
  • Use application rate chart to determine how much salt to use
  • Don’t apply dry salt (sodium chloride) below 15º F pavement temperature It will not melt fast enough to help
  • Below 15° F, use a wetted salt. · For extreme cold, skip melting and use sand