Turf Renovation & Installation

Turf appearance is a science that we can help simplify. When it comes to maintaining your turf, we recommend keeping up on aeration, thatching, over-seeding, fertilization, watering and proper mowing techniques. It can help prevent the need for renovation or complete re-installation. 

The key is to give us a call and have us research the underlying issue of what caused damage concern and recommend solutions to meet your needs. Most common issues are human error (plowing damage), drainage issues, lack of maintenance, and harsh conditions. 

Turf renovation techniques are determined at a case to case basis and we look to get you to your desired yard at the most efficient way possible. 

Renovation techniques:

  • Thatching
  • Over seeding
  • Silt-Seeding
  • Hydro seeding 
  • Hand Patching & Seeding 

Installation Options:

  • Hydro seeding 
  • Sod Installation

Michael S. - Greenfield, WI

“Excellent quality work for a very difficult task to ensure the hole was filled, compacted, and leveled. There were a few bumps during the project, like equipment breakdowns, but everything turned out great. Had to be diligent in following up to get status and confirmations throughout project, as the company is very busy. Messages left were followed up within 24 hours.”